Andrei is a self-taught visual communicator driven by curiosity. He goes by Probably an Illustrator because he thinks it has the same kind of mystery vibe as many of Wes Anderson’s characters do.

Kicking off as an illustrator, he discovered his artistic style in high school at the beginning of his career and continues to develop it every day. In 2020, Andrei has been recognized by The One Club for Creativity as one of The Young Ones. Since then, he works on concepts that he loves to think and color vividly. 

Starting with 2020, his advertising journey has led him to create for clients such as Mastercard, KFC, Vodafone, Heineken, SAMSUNG and many more. Many years before this, back when he didn’t even know what advertising is, Andrei hijacked the Romanian FIBRA Awards and won Gold and Bronze. He was underaged and couldn’t attend the ceremony.

Bucharest, Romania