Capra is the name of a traditional Romanian dance, performed around New Year. A man will dress up as a goat. He wears a multicolored costume and is accompanied by a group of singers during Christmas night. The goat will jump and dance, trying to scare the host. The custom involves props, literary and musical texts and dance. The goat costume is made up of a wooden head, whose lower jaw bone is loose so it can clatter, and multicolored horns that are adorned with mirrors, beads, colored tassels and ribbons, bells and goat or rabbit fur. The costume’s body is made up of thick fabric. It can be made of wool, a carpet or goat fur. Its main function is to hide the one who is wearing it. In some regions, the goat’s dance is performed on New Year’s Eve.

Here are some GIFs of dancing goats!

Romanian New Year Folklore

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Published ······ December 2018