Although the colors and symbols used to decorate the eggs vary according to the region, usually three-four colors are used, each with its own meaning. Red symbolizes love and solar light, black is the eternity, yellow is about youth and rich crops while green relates to nature and blue to health and sunny skies.

The decorative motifs are also very diverse, mixing symbols like the cross or the star with vegetal and animal representations and traditional elements from the rural culture. The use of symbols is also influenced by regional and local elements. This local specificity is well represented by the artisans from Ciocanesti, Bucovina, who use the geometrical motifs of the beautiful houses from their village to decorate their creations.

Here are some GIFs of the most known traditional Romanian Easters meals. You can share them by searching for #probablyagif.

Romania’s Painted Easter Eggs

Author ····· Probably An Illustrator
Medium ········· Digital
Published ······ April 2019